Anne Koch

is walking in your customer's shoes


I'm Anne, User Experience Research and Usability Testing expert, based in Hamburg.
I'm self-directed and eager to learn. I'm fast in adopting tools and processes, dedicated and willing to take on challenges. I love working in an environment, where the whole team and process benefits from everyone's contributions and strengths. I always stay responsive, positive and find creative solutions.

User Experience Research and Usability Testing

  • Developing, executing and evaluating research projects, both, quantitative and qualitative
  • Running interviews with actual or potential users
  • Accompanying major re-designs
  • Continuous usability testing on existing and new products

Building Customer Empathy

  • Identifying customer needs
  • Collecting and providing insights of customer behaviour and workflows for all stakeholders
  • Striving towards a user and data driven iterative development process

Community Management

  • Building and maintaining user communities
  • Managing of beta test programs
  • Keeping track of various feedback channels and tools, providing an overall perspective